I invested in the Bulletproof Coach Training that started in January this year.

Investing my time, resources, and money, to enhance myself and learn how to help others.

In January and February, training was a new experience to me.  Learning Mindfulness and meditation through experience was awesome. I never knew how powerful this first step of training would be at first. Understanding how to use my mind and help others in the same way, will change forever my life.

At the end of February, I went to the live training event with others. And to top it off, it was in Brooklyn New York. When I first arrived, it took me a while to figure out how to get around with subway and trains. This was my first experience with an Airbnb rental too, which I shared with a fellow training. The place was nice and different from any other place I been to. Trains and Subways was nearby, felt a little strange dragging my carryon around in the streets though.

The training took place at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge. We were presented with free Bulletproof coffee and some other goodies. Introduced to the program and what to expect in weeks to follow, then were taught couple of coaching processes, which we then performed on each other. Then had lunch made in according to the Bulletproof Cookbook, awesome salad, fish and desert. Continued on the training and we then meet each other to set up dinner at Pure Bristo. The next day was the same process, with surprise of challenge in picking our coaching buddies for the rest of training. At the end of the day, we bid farewell to some and others we meet for finale dinner plans.

Monday my roommate left earlier, and I was by myself in the big NYC. Ended up waking early, had eggs and Bulletproof coffee. I saw rain was coming, but decided to see what Manhattan was all about. Took subway to where the national debt clock was. Then took subway to Times Square, which was a cool experience itself, only having time to walk around and take some pics. Went back to where I was staying, eat for one more time in NYC, and packed up for the airport.

What I learned till now and the coming weeks of training, I will be experiencing and using on daily, weekly basis. Anyone interested in experiencing an example of coaching experience, let me know.