This is the start of my Story and Blogs.

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My early years of Life.

I grew up with strict parents, learned to keep my peace and being polite and honest.
My parents are true southerners coming from Georgia raised on a farm. This is how I learned to enjoy vegetables that most others don’t like to eat. I endured doing chores and other things around the house, without getting allowance like kids now days. growing up without cell phone, computer, cable, satellite tv. First time I seen tv was black and white and only had one in the whole house.
I grew up in Miami Florida right by the airport going to schools that weren’t that good, last years there, they used grade curve system. That is where the smartest kid isn’t respected because he is what set the grading score of the class. My parents did something which was awesome for me, moving out of Miami, and headed south to Leisure City near Homestead. This is where I got to experience great teachers that actually cared if you learned.

Junior and Senior High School Experience

Now that I was in a better place for schools, I went to Campbell Junior High (now it is a middle school) where I took typing and business instruments class (which turns out that leaped me ahead of others with personal computers later on). I was great in Math too.
Also took Drafting class, Air Force Junior ROTC.
Air Force Junior ROTC was awesome, it allowed me to experience many things. Learned about aviation and military. I participated in Color Guard and Drill Team, performing at Football games and parades. And of course we had military balls (for dancing).
I was also able to see and think in 3D mechanically. This is what allowed me to see and understand most magic tricks. I was also able to understand Circus games of chance. I looked at one game, which was where a bottle was on a titled board. They gave the contestants a rod with a ring attached by string. This ring is used to stand the bottle and get a prize. And I noticed that they had someone around that can actually stand the bottle. This is what I needed to challenge me. I went home and built the game as close as possible. I then learned from doing several bottle attempts, that the rod with string can stand the bottle up, but also was needed to keep the bottle from falling back again. Went to the actual game and was able to win a prize for the first time.
Now here is a topic most will like to understand of me. Dancing is what I am famous for now. But at the beginning, I was afraid and shy of dancing. This was mainly because of all the stuff on TV showing dancing as something learned / taught to you and then you dance. I didn’t understand that people just went to dances and just moved around to the music. And at that time we got cable and MTV and Michael Jackson was one I watched for his moves. And there was Soul Train too, and the beginning of pop locking, moon walking, etc. As with magic tricks, I looked at how Michael Jackson did his moon walk and learned how to do it my self, I also saw people on TV move their body like a wave and learned to get my body to do the same. And I noticed strobe lights become popular, as when strobing, people look like they where stopping every so often while dancing, walking, etc. So i learned to do this without the strobe, which is a looks like pop locking. And there was several other things I studied and made my own. Now the benefit of Junior ROTC allowed me to go dancing I started out dancing normally, in stag motion, where I ask to dancing with someone, then dance. This is where I saw how learning to dance wasn’t at all needed that much. One time I started doing my moves in school and got filmed doing it too. Even a girl started dancing with me too (don’t know if this video exist anymore as it was done in VHS by the School. And I broke out my move at a teachers house party, and caused some girls to freak out in a good way. From then own I was known for my ways of dancing. I did go out with one date, I ask only one girl out and she accepted. It was different experience too.

There are more I can add to this, which I will do in Blog and Podcast format.

Years of beginning adult hood

Because of Junior ROTC program, I pre-enlisted in the Air Force. And after graduation to enlistment, I work as a gas station attendant. I learned the real value of money and work. And this was a real gas attendant job, because there was self-serve and full service. I went to Basic Training in Texas and end up being selected for C130 Powerplant Technician, which sent me to Illinois for Air Force Tech School. What happen next scared me though, I put in for places I like to go serve at. What I ended up with was Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Japan. I could not vision living there, in a country that I didn’t really understand (as movies didn’t show it properly and news didn’t either). When I was in Okinawa Japan, I started to learn the truth about Japan and other places. I experience cultures the way they should be. I end up like living there. I was also able to go to Philippines on missions and training then also vacation. Once I experience Philippines, I got to see a culture I liked and the clubs were unique too. I married a girl from there. It was a blessing and end up stopping my career in Air Force too. As she caused so much trouble with me and my unit, that I sought out a church to help me out. I divorced while in Okinawa Japan, and ended up searching though church friends for another wife in Philippines. I ended up back in Florida because of trouble caused by first wife. My fiancée, I got engage with, was still wanting to get married, which I figured was a sign that it was supposed to be. I flew back to Philippines as a Civilian and got married.

After Air Force Life.

Once I was out of Air Force, I started my search for work and the process of getting FAA certification for Aircraft Mechanic starting with power plant. After several places, I ended up working at aircraft engine overhaul place. My wife at that time went to travel school, and because of her size she didn’t qualify for airlines, so ended up working AmTrack.
We, me and my wife took vacation to Las Vegas to see her mother. This was also an unknown experience too. And got a better understanding of Vegas and finally got to meet her mom. This is what help us make big decision later. First is my wife at the time got laid off, I let her go to Las Vegas to find work and be with her mom. And because of certain things at my work, I ended up without work and decided to make the move to Las Vegas.

Life in Las Vegas

I worked fixing construction equipment at first, then got lucky and launched Treasure Island, working in Hard Count Room. From there I moved to the Soft Count Room, then to Satellite Cage Cashier. And during my time when I was blessed with a Son, and shortly afterwards ended up separating and eventually single again. During this time, I ended up taking my son to Philippines with his grandmother. This was my first real experience of family / relatives meeting there. Because of issues between his mom and me, we decided it would be best to send him to Philippines for school. Around 5 yrs at Treasure Island, I ended up without work, and eventually found work at small airline. This is what helped me agree to sending him to school in Philippines, because I would now be able to go to Philippines 1-2 times a year. We eventually god him citizenship in Philippines.

When I did get married before, I stop going out dancing, but still keep moving to the beat other times though. I attending seminars for self-improvement and exposed to basic hypnosis. And meet someone who works at Club in Rio. He and his friend took me to Studio 54 and House of Blues. From there I started going out every once a while, bringing back my moves and starting merging techniques. And I went to the more advanced seminars and got certified in hypnosis. This opened my mind and my dancing to know levels. This is where I looked at what I was doing and the way I was dancing. What I do was like magic but being a magic dancer didn’t sound right. But looking at it as hypnotic (which is what make magic great), is where I decided to be known as Hypnotic Dancer.