I have been changing my weight and fitness for a while.

Experimenting with different things and ideas. I have checked out stuff before and didn’t take it seriously until I saw what Visalus and how easy it was to do the shakes and other things. It looks easy and cool to do. It did work in getting weight off and improving fitness too. After a while I got to a stabilized weight and was ok with it.

BulletProof Coffee

While I was listening to podcast and studying health, I learned about BulletProof Coffee from someone else’s experience. It sounded cool, and even though I could look up or watch videos on how to make BulletProof Coffee, I ordered the book “BulletProof Diet” (I can get extra copies for anyone that’s like one). As I was reading it, I found the BulletProof Coffee isn’t the main process of the diet. It took me a while to get through the book and being able to find products and food that works with this. Also ordered the BulletProof Coffee kit, got a cheap grinder, clean hot water pot, and pour over setup. Once I got the coffee, I started my first day with coffee mixing in butter and brain octain oil. Then went to whole foods to get food that is allowed in first 2 weeks (cold smoke salmon, avocado, etc…). First 2 weeks was a challenge as no cheating allowed either. Once the 2 weeks over, the once a week cheat made things easier, even though I still was careful on how I cheated. I am still in experimental stages, as I brewed coffee in different ways. My current way is with French Press. I have upgraded to awesome grinder that allows me to change sizes and amount of grind. Part of the BulletProof was fruit has to be restricted, and I changed to clean fruit in very small amounts, like strawberries. Also I had to go through adjustment to different sugars and oils. Right now I feel way better and looking awesome.

I will be sharing more on this, and looking to help others in same pursuit.