Originally I grew up listening to regular rock and roll, pop, and dance music. And all the music at the time was with words and emotion. There was also soul music, and with all this, someone can learn to feel the music, move to the beats. And the Military Balls I went to is way different than what you will find in most clubs out there. There was DJ and sometime a band will play some pop music too.
The times I dance in the beginning was unique and fun. I go there and get to see mirror ball and some lights. DJ’s always look toward the crowd varying the music. I still remember, it would start off with simply music with just enough beats to get the crowd to warm up and start dancing. Then I will hear the music start getting more up beat, encouraging more movement on the dance floor.
What comes up next, is something I missed and cannot find that many places do. The music will slowed down and you will see the dance floor part and empty, and this is where dancing became more romantic. This is where I get to ask a girl to dance, and arms on one side, holding hands on other side. It is where I first felt a girl breast on me as we dance close and slow. This is where not as many danced either, because it took more to ask to a girl to dance slow as compared to dancing fast.

There was beat music (no words), but wasn’t much popular at first. It did start showing up for people that like certain dance styles and could match it with popping and locking. And when break dancing came, they made music where the beat got lost, so break dancers didn’t look bad as keeping with the beat in break dancing doesn’t happen much at all.

There has been many types of music evolving and changing in music since then. Dance music was getting better in getting people to want to dance and move to the music. And with words and emotions in music, like when I meet someone special to me before. Now when I hear the music again, I can feel emotions come back to me.

Now the music has been changing a lot. There are several types of hip hop genres appearing. Hip hop has moved into house style music but they are keeping words too. So when I hear house hip hop type music, most will drop a beat. I remember hearing european type of music while in Philippines, that is somewhat house style beat with words. I noticed in Philippines and other places, Karaoke is big, so lyrics are very important.

I don’t know what is happening in Vegas Clubs, in that it doesn’t make since. It seems like the EDM mafia is running things lately. With all the clubs doing EDM to much, there will be a fall out and clubs will close. To me, a lot of the EDM is something that should be more of lounge thing, as beats become to monotonous or nothing to really to dance to. I don’t even go to the dance floor in front of the DJ much at all, seems like the worshipers of the DJ take up that space anyway. I don’t worship any DJ’s at all. I do like DJ’s that care about the Dancers and their desire to help others too. Miss Joy, Kriss Cut, and few other ones great.

To be continue.