My single life is a challenging one. I grew up with a clean aspect of life. Keeping myself away from drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc… Because of this, I tend to be more reserved and quite when it comes to attraction to women. My first Crush / Attraction happen in 6 grade, the turning point from being a kid to liking girls. I don’t know the name of the first, but do remember my second crush in 6 grade was Iliana Ramos. Always been a distance admirer of her though Junior and Senior High School. Disappointment came when I find out she started smoking in High School.

I grew up in a time without mobile phones, car, internet, etc. My interaction with women came when I started experimenting with dancing. And in Senior High, classmates got to experience my dancing. And being in Jr ROTC I went to many military balls, most of the time in stag (alone) and dance with most of the women there.

I still remember my one and only time I asked a woman out in High School to the military ball, and she said yes. I treated her with respect and as a gentleman does. It was kind of weird when I find out her brother was in Jr ROTC too.

Out of School and before leaving for Air Force, I worked and mostly saw girls that got mixed up in drugs or other things. And seems that girls were mostly looking for drugs and willing to play for a high. I didn’t want anything to do with them, and had to keep myself clean for drug testing latter (Air Force).

The Air Force was challenging, in Basic Training we got to do very few things, and did get to go to small club to mingle. Then was Tech School in Illinois, and there we got to go to college area for fun. Back then, in Tech School, out hair was short and college girls can spot us and then ignore us too.

I will continue this latter on.

Lets just say presently, I still stay away from drug users in the dating thing. Yet dancing or innocent mingling is ok and still very friendly in platonic sense. As drugs is a personal thing, and my dislikes are those that do in front of me and/or those that steal/con/hustle me out of money for their habits.
I still have strict sense of responsibility of not encouraging bad habits like smoking or drinking. I won’t go get a woman a drink of alcohol or smokes for that reason. I am ok with paying the bill after they order their drink.

I do prefer those that are clean of bad habits, ok with those that are light to moderate drinking. And really prefer non smokers, and can deal with occasional to light smokers.

Now need to get out dancing.