My Timeshare story.

This all got started when James was working an awesome job at a corporate aircraft repair company. During the time there, pay was going up in a nice rate and then things change for the worse. When the Bailout started taking place, new laws came into effect, this caused a lot of companies to give up their aircraft and/or stop flying completely. Due to this happening, James was selected to be let go from the company. Now begin search for other income. Seems that great pay turned into being over qualified at every place applied to work for.

James went to one timeshare company and got advise what to do for qualifying as sales agent. James went and got his license and begin training at this company. The training wasn’t much at all, just following others around and pick up what happens and learn from that. Then the first tour he was allowed to do, turned out to be different from other tours I saw, because during the tour, James was ask about points and using it in Hawaii, so James asked for help. After getting help but no sale, didn’t get anymore tours and was let go.

James went to another timeshare company near South Point, and there he recieved better training, first following few agents with tours. Then learned sales sheets and how to present pictures too. James learned a lot more about timeshare industries.

One big difference between the 2 companies, is the walking tour. First place, it was showing pictures on the wall of different places exchanges could be made with, and primary focus was on point base system. Second place, James walked tours through the property and also showed South Point too, where you actually could see what a room looks like.

The property near South Point was a Gold week type property. James learn to explain that being Gold week type, it can be exchange with any property in RCI system (gold or lower). This was awesome compared to other property.

When James name was called, he was given names for tours and wether it was individual tour or group presentation. If it was a group presentation, the tour was taking to a room with a presenter to explain the benefits and how the timeshare system works. After the presentation, the tour was taking through a walking tour. After that, James would take them to a table and go over the numbers again and present them with price for them to accept or not. Then the closer would come to the table and find out what is it that is keeping them from buying a week. From there, negotiations happens, where the tour gets offered lower priced week and option to do an every other week, with an exchange week included in between every other year.

Now when the tour is still reluctant to buy, they get taking down to another room where one last pitch is offer to them which is a week every three years with makeup exchange weeks for the skipped weeks, then they either buy or go to the gift area to get what they were promised when they finished the tour.

Now if the the tour was not group type, the walking tour was done, and the agent did the presentation personally to the tour. And then the rest went same afterwards.

The walking tour is where some agents would go out of their way to exaggerate what was happening, and say things that might be possible as if it was going to happen. James was one that always keep it real, and explained it as true as he could.

During James time there, he made sales, and when tour agrees to buy, the tour is taking to escrow section. Once done with escrow sale is considered complete and tour is taking down to gifting area personally. This is where James experience how buyers and non-buyers are keep separated. If the tour buys, they are taken back to there room with their own limo. If the tour doesn’t buy, they are put onto a bus and taken back to their room. This has 2 things, it gives the buyers an extra sense of satisfaction and also keeps non-buyers from talking them out of the sale.

The thing every buyer signs is a notice that they can back out of the sale in 5 days, and explains the proper ways of doing this. (Nevada is one of the few states with 5 days system as other places are 10 days). One thing cool, is this property put the instruction sheet in a place to find. There is one property that actually hid the instructions (they had to give the instructions but how it was given is grey area).

There are some things the tours didn’t get told, they could get a points based system or get setup with hybrid points/weeks system. This can be done through properties owned by the resort group. And there was a way to get tours into I.I. system (more expensive exchange system) for those interested in timeshares in Dubai and other high end areas.

I will finish here and ad more latter to this post for any questions that might come up.

Remember there is alternatives to timeshares and can setup appointment to discuss them with you.